Wimbledon Facts

The top most interesting Wimbledon Facts from a big Wimbledon fan. The facts below are part of Wimbledon’s amazing history and should be shared among all tennis enthusiasts.

Wimbledon FactsWimbledon Facts

# First round losers (like Nadal in Wimbledon 2013) still earn  £23,500

# Andy Murray (Wimbledon 2013 winner) has earned more than £30 million during his tennis career.

# The top prize in Wimbledon’s Finals 2013 was £1,600,000. That’s an increase of 39% from the previous year.

# Until 2007 the Men’s Final in Wimbledon had a bigger prize than Women’s. Since 2008 prizes are equal (although women play less set’s).

# They don’t call them Singles Finals for nothing. The last married woman to win a Wimbledon Final was Chris Evert Loyd in 1981.

# More than 27,000 kilos of English strawberries will be served to spectators, topped by 7,000 litres of cream.

# If you want your back yard to look like Wimbledon’s Centre Court then you should look at using Perennial Ryegrass. And you should cut it at exactly 8 millimetres.

# Spencer Gore won the first ever Wimbledon final and received 12 guineas. There were around 200 spectators and the ticket costed one shilling.

# Price of a Centre Court Debenture seat for 5 years: £27,750

# During World War II, a bomb ripped through Wimbledon’s centre court and 1,200 seats were lost. Fortunately, there was no match.

# 40,000 tennis balls are used in Wimbledon, each one hand-tested for weight, bounce & compression and stored at exactly 68F.

# Since 2003, players are not required to bow to the Royal Family, unless it’s the Queen or Prince Of Wales attending.

# There is no sponsor advertising around the courts in Wimbledon.

# Tennis was invented by Walter Clopton Wingfield in 1875. A year later, The All English Lawn Club added the game to its activities. In 1877, the first Wimbledon Championship took place in Worple Road, Wimbledon.

# There is a slot machine called Winbledon that can be found exclusively at Lucky Pants Bingo.


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