Free Merlin Annual Pass

A free premium Merlin annual family pass from Lucky Pants Bingo. An amazing promotion for families, thrill seekers or friends. Read below how you can win the Merlin Pass.

Free Merlin Annual PassIt claims to be the UK’s biggest attraction. The Merlin Annual Pass gives you access to 31 destinations throughout the UK, from Scotland to Ireland and the South East, there is always something entertaining near you. And Lucky Pants Bingo is offering a premium Merlin pass, one that will give you and your family or friends full access for 12 months to all attractions, 20% off in shops and restaurants, fast entry to the venues, complimentary parking, exclusive short break offers and more.

There are 3 annual passes for grabs, one on Friday 28 June, one on Saturday 29 June and one on Sunday 30 June. All you have to do is go to Lucky Pants Bingo and buy your bingo cards for the 75 Ball Bingo games starting on 21:30 UK Time. Each card costs 20p and the more you buy the more chances you will have of winning these £600 passes.

But there are more ways to increase your chances of winning. If you are an existing player at Luckypants Bingo you can take part in the Chat Quizzes and win one extra card just for participating. You can also win free cards for the Merlin Pass games when you win 75 Ball Bingo games with the letter S in your card. S is for Summer, as this is the best summer promotion you can find online.

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